Hi Asma,

Unfortunately you cannot start a freelance business unless you have a skill clients will find valuable enough to pay you for. So your focus needs to be on training to acquire such a skill. If you can afford it, I recommend going to a design school or tech school for some formal training. If that’s not an option, study up with online courses to learn a trade.

Then go out to your local market and start trying to get small freelance gigs, even if they don’t pay much at the beginning. As I mentioned to Dong Wu Li above, at the start any job will do because you need to use this time to learn how to run a freelance business. Getting that entrepreneurial experience is just as important as gaining practice for your skills and services.

I’m a UX/UI designer from Auckland, New Zealand. Writing about freelancing & business for indie designers & creatives at https://solowork.co

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