The mark of a great designer is their awareness of system thinking.

Image of design system components & documentation
Image by Benek Lisefski

Mind the gaps for long-term thinking and creative rejuvenation.

Corridor of white arches
Photo by Robin Schreiner

One of them is never optional, and sometimes you can’t even pick two.

Venn diagram of good, fast, cheap — pick two

Mediocre work requires constant sales and marketing to maintain momentum. Exceptional work sells itself.

Man comically drowning in yellow bathtub surrounded by walls of rubber duckies.

Would you rather have an average product with excellent marketing or an excellent product with average marketing?

It’s time for a radical shift in how we present ourselves as designers.

Portrait of a woman showing off her unique freckly features
Photo by Houcine Ncib

The maturation of UX isn’t making you an uncreative robot or replaceable commodity.

Repetition of lollypops over a pink background
Photo by Amy Shamblen

What’s holding you back from sprinting your career ahead?

Runners sprinting
Photo: Jonathan Chng/Unsplash

How alternating focus between the yin and yang of design leads to the perfect balance of consistency and flexibility.

Ying Yang symbol
Photo by Brett Jordan

Pandemic-induced efficiency is real, and we’re all better off for it.

2020 numbers in crinckled paper cut-out
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

What l learned about designing quickly from Malcolm Gladwell and The Queen’s Gambit.

An alert rabbit in a grassy field
Photo by Gary Bendig

Benek Lisefski

I’m a UX/UI designer from Auckland, New Zealand. Writing about freelancing & business for indie designers & creatives at

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